Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sir Wooly Willy

Does anyone remember Wooly Willy? Yeah he is the toy(cheap crap toy) that has a bald, hairless mans face. You also have a bunch of metal shavings. Then you had this magnet(ie: the wand) and you move the magic wand around to give him whiskers and hair. Hours and fun and excitement would ensue. Uh... Okay this is not a good toy. Actually, its a terrible toy that could haunt children forever, especially those that will be bald. Are we living in a society that sees balding as a crime of some sort? What right do we have to wave our "magic wand" and give William hair. I mean, what if he doesn't want any hair for crying out loud. It is really appalling to see toys that could be so irresponsible. You can actually poke your eye out with this wand after jabbing it at least 70 times in your eye. I know that I want to say more about this toy, but I cant stop playing with it.

Darn you wooly Willy I have fallen into your trap.




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