Saturday, May 28, 2005

Fo Shizzle.

Leave it up to the staff at underachievers Corner to let a trend come, go and be regurgitated and leave again until they finally catch up to it. Yes the Snoop Dog language. Fo Shizzle. Unfortunately, most of your senior citizens, soccer moms and other deprived individuals can never be up to speed on these sudden changes in Language, Vernacular if you will. Therefore, being on the cutting edge, as we always are, we have developed a new language. We will teach these unfortunate ones and they will be ready when this trend begins.

Of course, Underachiever's corner will live up to its name and pretty much take an idea someone else had and use it to their advantage.(Yes, that's right Kids, just like Bill Gates)

Remember, when your grandparent, grand guardian or the old person you harassed used to say YOU WISENHEIMER! Well, we will take normal words and ad "Enheimer" to them.

For example: "Do you like my Car enheimer? "(an appropriate response would be: It's "sweetenheimer". Do you get it yet?

Lets try a reenactment:

guy: What upenheimer?

other guy: Nothinheimer

On more time:

gal: Hey, where you goinheimer?

dude: to the Oppenheimerenheimer(okay that's not gonna work)

Yes! Yes! I can feel the school teachers cringing at another language fad. MUha-ha-ha

So kids, seniors, and all start talking like this and be the first on your block to use Underachiever's New talkenheimer.

Its da bombenheimer!



p.s. I didn't say I'd do all the work. Send me your words to add to the Wisenheimer Vernacular Dictionary.(soon to be available on for $350.00, Cash Only, no receipts.) Or Just comment some new dumb words.

thank you



At 7:18 PM, May 29, 2005, Blogger just a mom said...

I told my son about this and he called me a dorkenheimer. Then again, my neighbor is a jerkenheimer and the little zit faced kid behind the counter at Home Depot was a dickenheimer. I might just be in a bitchenheimer mood though.



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