Monday, May 30, 2005

I know a Secret, I know a secret

Just wanted to see what you, the "undies", thought about this blog. I find it both fascinating and disturbing. Send them yours, but if you want to save a stamp, send me your secret(s). It doesn't have to be dark or gory. Just tell me one that you just want to get off your chest.

Okay, Okay, I will tell you one of mine to get you started:

I have trouble using the bathroom in front of people. I think this condition is called pee-shy.(I guess that's why I haven't lived a life of crime. To avoid going to jail and use the bathroom in front of everybody.)

Tell me your secrets. Its like a confessional, but without the guilt.




At 10:02 PM, May 30, 2005, Blogger Carissa said...

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At 11:53 PM, May 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a sucessful career girl with my shit together and a lot to lose. He's a coke-head jailbird who can't hold a job. But when we first met, we were both just slightly fucked up kids. Shows you really can go either way from there. Secretly, I am afraid nobody will ever love me like he does, and I'm afraid I will never love anyone like I love him.

At 8:16 AM, May 31, 2005, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

While my husband was out of state working, I drove his truck. But that is not the secret. I told him I drove it to get cigarettes when actually I bought papers and sat in the driveway and got high. Love, Linda

At 6:44 PM, May 31, 2005, Blogger just a mom said...

Sometimes, I hate being alive.

At 1:44 PM, June 13, 2005, Blogger j2 said...

i once used my mom's vibrator. oh. shit. it's disgusting i know.


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