Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Show and Tell

Yesterday, I went to visit the local insurance company to generously give them my money for insuring my motor vehicle and my agent showed me pictures of a growth that was surgically removed from his stomach.

After the dry heaves stopped, I thought;"Man, that would have killed at "Show and Tell" in school. And then the dry heaves returned.

When I regained consciousness , I decided to give you, the Undies, an assignment. Yes, you guessed it, Show and Tell. I realize that in the comment box you can't post pics, but, on your blog you can. So, If you do, just let me know and I will check your blog and grade you. Let me remind you that this project is 99% of your grade.(No Pressure)

You might say "I can't do this, its too much" Let me tell you a little story about a time when the going got tough with me but I never let it get me down.

I used to work in the Catskill Mountains, and a spoiled girl by the name of Baby was visiting for the summer. Baby always felt sorry for herself. I proceeded to befriend her and take her to a party where we did a lot of Dirty Dancing. Her father hated me, but did I give up? NO! We danced and at the end we showed everyone the time of their life. Hmm? or was that a movie? Regardless, the point is just do this project and you will feel better about yourself.(or not, just humor me)

Thus, here is my show and tell

It's a picture that I took in Cancun, Meheeco(that's how you pronounce it). I thought it was cool. The water was warm and clear. You can actually see the children peeing in it. (hence the yellowish green tint)

As you can see, the date is conveniently placed on the sand anywhere you go on the beach. Its for the tourists. I went during spring break and I had a good time.

This is my show and tell. The End.

Here are the instructions again for the ADD crowd: You may comment your show and tell project in the comments area or you may be elaborate and do it on your blog (huh-huh-huh he said "do it"). It could be about anything, I don't care.
Thank you for your support. Remember, you will be graded.

Creating more ways to waste your time,


At 1:46 PM, July 12, 2005, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

Geeessshhh Under it is summer time and you are giving us a show and tell project. :)

Mine is on my blog titled My Wild and Crazy Kids.
Now can I get back in the pool since my project is all done? LOL

At 12:34 AM, July 13, 2005, Blogger dewey said...

OK, here is my submission, teach. What's my grade? http://www.livejournal.com/users/deweyintoronto/27353.html

At 11:02 AM, July 13, 2005, Blogger gunngirl said...

Awww, me wanna paticipate, but must figure out how to get pictures off digital camera and onto blogger. LOL


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