Thursday, August 11, 2005

My apologies, Rasheedi.

Dear Undies:

I'd like to apologize for not posting. It was because of an unseen force beyond my control. If you were to see me now, you would notice that I have not shaved, I have bloodshot eyes and have commited at least 3 acts of cannibalism. (Poor Mailman) Right now, I am actually gnawing at my arm. Why? NO! I am not making the Movie Alive 2 the musical. I was reading the longest post ever to be recorded in history. (Hi Terri!) No, I'm kidding. Terri's post was awesome. She wrote about her trip to the Greek Isles, which is, if my geometry is correct, near Hoboken, New Jersey. (Ha-Ha! I know its Geology.)

Anywhoo, now that I can peel myself from my seat, I will have you know that I wrote two awesome posts yesterday. The first one was titled "The true meaning of Life" and the second one was titled " The Effects of the War on the Reproductive Organs of the Amazonian Tree Frog and the Women who love them" Unfortunately, the Blogger Monster ate their sorry little souls. And because it was pure crapola, I will let them give the Blogger Monster indigestion.

Again, I say my friends forgive me.

UnDr(mmmm! mailman)

PS Triple G 05 Yes! That lady was the same one who came in second at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Good Eye. As a prize you must eat the same amount of Bratwurst in less than 10 minutes. Good luck!

Also, Jenn, thanks for asking. I was thinking about a woman(let's say an amalgam of women) who is beautiful but has been hurt so many times that she doesn't let anyone get near her. She is sad but untouchable. Does that make sense? There's more to it. I'm just giving you the cliff notes version. For more explanation email me or just make it up. Boingy!


At 2:01 AM, August 12, 2005, Blogger Jen-Nae said...

A hahahahahaaa! Very funny! That was good for a laugh, Thanks. Now I'm off to bed. Nighty Night

At 7:54 AM, August 12, 2005, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

The Effects of the War on the Reproductive Organs of the Amazonian Tree Frog and the Women who love them. That would of been a cool post. Tree frogs are cute.
mailmen are good with a side order of trash truck guys :)


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