Friday, September 23, 2005


Get the kids Marge! It's time for another WHWLTW?

Dear Undies:

If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, then you're probably asking: "What in the sam hill is WHWLTW?" Well, that is of course right after you ask "Why am I living under a rock?"

The point is WHWLTW? is none other than What Have We Learned This Week? It's like MSG but without MSG.

Here's how you play:

I tell you what I have learned in this vast wasteland called my life and you tell me what you learned in your rainbow colored, rose petal vast wasteland called your life. It's simple, really.

Therefore, here is what I learned this week.

1 I learned that there is something called Crotch Lice.(Not from experience, mind you)

2 I learned that I think of myself as the Brown Crayon but Anika thinks I'm a flamboyant Pink. (I'm soooo Confused!)

3 I learned that it is a dark day in an industry known for its godliness and purity. A certain Kate Moss has tarnished the saintly and healthy image of the Fashion World. How could you Mossy? What were you thinking? Weren't you taught that cocaine is B-A-D bad? I am so ashamed of you. Didn't you think that this could affect your 86 lbs. waifish look and make you, I dont know, and 90 lbs waif? You are throwing it all away! So Kate, for the love of Mike, stop that right now! And go back to your normal anorexic, bulimic, ecstasy ridden lifestyle we have come to appreciate and expect from you. Thank you.

Well, this is What I learned this Week, but this isn't a one-man show. So let me know, what you learned this week. Please share, mommy said it's nice to share. If not make it up.



PS thanks for your soundtrack comments. I know it was long. Especially, since the movie is only 15 minutes long.(Including Preview) Love ya mean it!

Double Scoop of PS: Have a Good Weekend everyone!!!!


At 12:46 AM, September 24, 2005, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

I have learned that using a half tube of this oraljel is doing nothing to stop this throbbing toothache!!! I learned that if I return to Fl. I can have my job back. I have learned that I can still drive a stick shift with ease. I also learned how to change fuses in the Toyota.

At 6:15 PM, September 24, 2005, Blogger Lori said...

Let see what have I learnt this week: dont ever say it feels like its going to be a busy week 'cause you will be nonstop busy.

At 11:59 PM, September 24, 2005, Blogger gunngirl said...

I learned that my cats have a penchant for throwing up wet food right after I give it to them, therefore I will give them dry as much as possible. (I think it's hairballs)

I learned that keeping secrets is exhausting.

I learned some new Photoshop tricks

At 12:00 AM, September 25, 2005, Blogger gunngirl said...

Oh, I also left the trail mix comment on your poll. ;)

At 2:01 AM, September 25, 2005, Blogger grody jo-dee said...

i have learned that only time this baby wants to party is when i would like some quiet in time in particular, just whenever i have to pee and there's no bathroom, when i'm almost asleep, or right in the middle of "things" (ahem).

is this an omen?

At 2:54 PM, September 25, 2005, Blogger Terri said...

I learned what parsnips are.
What can I say - it was a slow week.


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