Monday, October 31, 2005

Deep thoughts revisited.

Dear Undies:

After 24 million letters(mostly addressed to "Occupant") and a few telepathic messages, I have decided to answer my deep thoughts question. The question was:

If you were to die tonight, what would you regret not saying to someone and why?

Like I said befo', this was a tough one.

Therefore, If I were to die tonight, trampled by a stampede of angry circus elephants on meth, I would regret not telling you "I love you" enough. Yeah,I know, you know I love you. But I feel that it was never enough. I wish that I could've screamed it louder in public, whispered it more in our private moments. Written it on all the pages and sang it to you with all my heart. So If I die tonight, let me just say I love you.

Yes, I love you Angelina Jolie. *wink*(I had to throw in a joke, I'm dumb that way)

Love, love and more love,


PS: Here is another question to ponderfy:

What do you value most in a relationship?

Answer it, if you like, in the comments section or on your blog. Whatever you do, don't keep it to yourself. Let me know, you little cheeky monkey.

Love ya, mean it!

Double PS with whip cream and strawberries: Merry Christmas! ...erm...oh wait is it Channukah today? or just Chaka Kahn's birthday?.. I never remember. Just be safe and don't eat the weird candy. Give those to me....


At 9:13 PM, October 31, 2005, Blogger cherish said...

Great Post!

Happy Halloween Undr

At 9:46 PM, October 31, 2005, Blogger Jen-Nae said...

I know you were thinking about that one for awhile, good answer!!! It always feels good to hear you are loved and you can never hear it too much.

At 10:59 PM, October 31, 2005, Blogger grody jo-dee said...

what do i value most in a relationship? i would have to say unconditional love/support and honesty.

happy halloween from cheeky monkey #1....

At 12:07 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger gunngirl said...

Undr always with the Love Test.

Nice post, finally a touch of honesty. *wink*

Anyway, what I value most in a relationship is honesty and compromise. Also, someone who really does see the person inside and not just what's on the outside.

It's why I like relationships that start out as friendships first. Yep, I'm still looking for the Mulder to my Scully. LOL.

Happy Halloween Undr!

At 3:09 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger shipkicker said...

trust. hands down. if there is no trust, you shouldnt be with that person. trust brings all other things-security, honesty, compromise... either trust, or a sweet ass. because a sweet ass brings good times. just kidding. well sort of. i'm such a pervert. undi i heart you very much.

At 7:11 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger DelBoy said...

I'm with shipkicker. It must be trust. If you don't trust someone or they don't trust you, there can't be a relationship.

My 2 cents worth...

PS: Angelina Jolie is MY girl. Back off! ;-)

At 9:18 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger Terri said...

Apart from great sex, definitely trust.
No doubt about it.

At 9:34 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

I agree with Terri, great sex is a must. Trust, compassion and all the other things you expect out of relationship. Showing your partner love each and every single day. It doesnt have to be something huge. Little things mean a lot too.

p.s. We have problems here cause I thought Angelina was my girl LOL ;)

At 11:25 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

What do you value most in a relationship?

Listening to my bitching and complaining...UNDR you know you listen to me. You read my stupid blog, which I pimped out today. LOL.

At 1:01 PM, November 01, 2005, Blogger Carissa said...

Oh, definitely lots and lots of money.

And trust. And humor. And patiece. I don't think anyone could deal with me without the last two.


At 4:57 PM, November 01, 2005, Blogger Bosbefok said...

The ability to sit with someone in silence and know that all is well.
Kinda telepathic , mutual ok'ness..
And great SEX !!

At 6:47 PM, November 01, 2005, Blogger j2 said...

1. excellent post undr! excellent answer!

2. trust takes the cake.

3. did i just see carissa? holy shit! hey stranger!

At 10:23 PM, November 01, 2005, Blogger dewey said...

I value comfort. You know that point of comfort you get to, when you're totally in sync? "As a matter of fact, yes honey, you DO look fat in that dress. Why don't you wear the blue one instead?" Because, my friends, is love. When you can be absolutely who you are without fear of retribution.

I've been lucky enough to have that once before that mofo went away and LEFT ME! and I was too stubborn to say, yes, I want to come with you. If I ever find it again, I'm taking him away to some far away Isle where things like "better job opportunities" don't exist.


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