Tuesday, January 03, 2006

In '06 I will try something new. How'sabout a Meme?

Dear Undies:

Well, another year is upon us and I decided to turn over a new leaf. (mmm turnovers are good. Aren't they?) Therefore this year, I will shamelessly do a meme. Oh yeah, I know I did them last year, but this year, I'm doing them shamelessly. So here is the first meme of the 06 season. Maybe you would like to do it to? (hehe I said "do it")

Undr's 06 meme of the year 2006:

1.Who was the first person u talked to in 06?
My Parole Officer

2. The first person you hugged?
Chimichanga Washington. She is 700lbs of love... and doughnuts.

3. The first person you called?

4. The first person you texted?
I don't text.

5. The first drink you drank?

6. The first person that called you?

7. The first person that texted you?

8. Have you talked to all of your bloggy buddies yet?
No, I am quilting a "I heart you" blanket from the fur of 23,000 imported New York City Rats.

9. Has any of your bloggy buddies talked to you?
Yes. Especially the ones that don't want the "I Heart You" blanket.

10. Who was the 1st person to hang up on you?
Mommy. But she didn't mean it. When she say's "I hate you Undr" she really means she loves me. I hope!

11. What was the first thing you watched on tv?
A very interesting informercial about a painless hair removal system. It was called the "Rip and Scar Hair Removal System". Also used to remove rust and barnacles from Cargo Ships. All for 25 installments of $29.99. So you know I got two!

12. Who was the first person you thought of?

13. What was the first thing you ate?
Pigs in a blanket. (AKA: peepee looking thingys)

14. What were you wearing at midnight?
Sweater and Jeans.

15. Who was the first person you kissed?
Janitor Phil. I should have never closed my eyes.

There you have it.



PS You know if you care to do this, you may. Just remember to leave the toilet seat up. Love ya, mean it!

Double PS with Champagne: Thanks for your particpation in WHWLTY? You guys are da' bombdiggity!


At 9:15 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Tina said...

OMG that is too funny! Sorry to say you now have another avid reader...me! :p

At 10:56 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

I put the toilet seat down heehee.
Cool meme, turnovers and champagne what a way to start the day.
huggiez, Lindy-Lin

btw-i did the meme thing it is on my blog :)

At 11:18 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Shannon said...

You always make me laugh!! And I want my blanket!! My patch is in the shape of a heart right?? *smile*

At 11:33 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger SuperSpyGal said...

LMAOOOOO ...you ain't right !! (and I mean that in a VERY GOOD way)

At 12:57 PM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Gareth said...

So the prison that you currently reside in ... does it have padded cells and big hairy people??? I think we might be in the same one! Is that you wearing the pink kilt and sucking on a ummm ...... lollipop?!
Happy New Year Undr ... love ya and you can work out if I mean it or not :-P

At 1:54 PM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Terri said...

You're right, that was shameless... cheating on our cardboard cutouts with Janitor Phil, hmf!!!

At 4:14 PM, January 03, 2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

Clueless *whispers* what's a meme?

And I don't even know the answers to those questions.

Oh, and sorry but I'm not leaving the toilet seat up. Do you know how cold that water is if you fall in? Actually, I have to keep the lid down because our cats like to play in the water. Darn cats.

I sat on top of the lid one time in the dark and peed by accident. No, you didn't ask to hear that but I told you anyway. :0

At 4:23 PM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Ben O. said...

If it's all the same to you . . . why don't ya go ahead and hold on to that rat-quilt. I was searching through the attic yesterday and what do ya know . . . I already have one.

(whew! That was close.)

Ben O.

At 6:38 PM, January 03, 2006, Blogger cherish said...

With great posts like that you are making my job harder and harder. I am working 20 hours a day as it is answering all your fan mail and my I keep breaking the point on my purple crayon.

At 12:45 AM, January 05, 2006, Blogger Tina said...

lol im still cracking up at pigs in blanket..(aka peepee looking thingys)

and my mom says "love ya , mean it" jus like u... ut oh what does that mean hahaha



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