Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trivia Schmivia!

Editors note: Sorry for not posting yesterday, as most of you know I was in a coma from non-stop mini-golfing and an extreme hula-hoop competition this past weekend. Please forgive me. And for all of you slacker employees, GET BACK TO WORK! ...umm preeeety pleeeeease. Thanks for stopping by. Now, back to our regularly scheduled informercial...

Dear Undies:

Aaahhh there's going to be a schedule outage!!!!

What am I gonna do? Umm well, before all hell breaks loose, Let me do this. It's something I saw on Anika's Blog O' Delight.

Now, most of you know me from my films and my Playgirl pictorial. You know, the one titled "They Don't Call Him Mini-Me for Nuthin" But do you know the real me? Here are some things you may not know about the wonderful and sometimes demented boy named Undrini. To tell you the troof, even I didn't know this about me. Make sure you memorize this and tattoo on some part of your body. As always, remember, there will be a test!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Undr!

  1. Undr can last longer without water than a camel can.
  2. Undr is the oldest playable musical instrument in the world!
  3. The risk of being struck by Undr is one occurence every 9,300 years!
  4. It's bad luck to put Undr on a bed!
  5. Undr can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid!
  6. Bees visit over three million flowers to make a single kilogram of Undr.
  7. Undr was originally green, and actually contained cocaine.
  8. The canonical hours of the Christian church are matins, lauds, prime, terce, sext, none, Undr and compline!
  9. Undr is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered and treated by bees.
  10. Undr can sleep for three and a half years!
I am interested in - do tell me about
Please feel free to play along. Let me know if you post it on your blog. For every post, I get prize ticket. If I get 2 million tickets, I will be eligible for a weird margarita makin' toaster thingy. Otherwise known as a blender. I want one in a pale seafoam green!



PS love ya, mean it!


At 9:25 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

whose undr

At 10:16 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Shannon said...

I stole this from you... I had to do it.. well you made me do it, now stop looking at me like that!!

Smooches Undie, You weird little man you!

P.S Never go a day without posting, unless you tell us first!! You know the rules =)

At 10:49 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

This is too freakin' funny. You gave me a happy. *hug*

At 10:57 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger SuperSpyGal said...

Well, well, well...look who just suddenly shows up and expects us to do one of his little testes....I mean...tests !! ;)

Maybe I will.....or...maybe I wont !

ahhhhh ok, I'll do it, only because you give me those big puppy dog eyes...sheesh !

At 7:46 AM, January 26, 2006, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

I am working!! I really am!! I just needed to step out and take a smoke break. I promise it won't happen again for another 3 hours. *fingers crossed behind my back*

Ok since you said pleeeaaase I will do this trivia thingee. Test?? come on Undr a test?? Ok I will study real hard!

mucho luvo, smooches and huggiez Lindy-Lin

At 11:01 AM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Shari said...

Hey! I did it before you! What do I win? Huh?

At 1:03 PM, January 27, 2006, Blogger cherish said...

You are so twisted!! I love it!!


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